Standard, Automatic and Safety Swimming Pool Covers

Automatic Slatted Swimming Pool Covers

Automatic Slatted Covers are most popular for heat retention in indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Automatic Covers are normally installed in newly built swimming pools and are most popular because they can be hidden out of sight. (We also cater for existing swimming pools)

The motor for an Automatic Cover is hydraulic and needs to be housed outside the swimming pool in an access chamber drive.
Our standard motor is positioned in a pit at the side of the swimming pool, however longer motor shafts can be used and the motor can be housed outside for an indoor swimming pool.

In our opinion the automatic covers give a degree of safety but in our opinion cannot be treated as total safety covers. Manual Covers

1. This Swimming Pool cover is the most popular construction for the housing on an indoor or outdoor pool. The swimming pool cover is housed in a Cave Pit at one end of the pool with vertical trays that are tiled to conceal the cover.

This cover is housed in a cave pit for deck level pools.

This is a solar cover installed into a pre-existing pool. The pool was altered to take the wet pit for the automatic cover. The cover can be positioned at either end of the pool. In this case it had to be placed at the deep end because of the roman steps.

Safety Covers for all kinds of Swimming Pools

1.Safety Covers for Newly Constructed Pools

Covers fitted to newly constructed rectangular swimming pools, the track is fitted under the coping, roman ends can be catered for.
This is an under coping safety cover fitted to newly constructed pools

2. Safety Covers for existing Swimming Pools.

On existing swimming pools you have a choice of two styles of cover.

A flush track that is screwed to the top of the coping. A concealed cover pit is constructed where the mechanism and cover is stored.

Or if you require less disturbance you can choose a safety cover where the track is fitted to the copings and a box is constructed to house the mechanism and cover.

This is an existing Swimming Pool with top track in a concealed pit.

3. Manual Covers
The track is screwed to the coping, the cover is pulled out manually and rolled up by hand, there is no hidden pit or box. We would not recommend this for a pool much bigger than 10mx5m